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11) Claire  Female
Sydney Location
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12.8.2013 01:36 Host: Write a comment

I was so happy with how Irene managed to alter my dress.

I bought the dress of my dreams second hand and just didn't fit my body shape. I just wasn't sure what was wrong, the dress just didn't sit perfectly.

Taking the dress in to Irene, she filled me with confidence and managed to alter it like it was made just for me.

I'm so excited to wear it now and couldn't be happier.
10) danielle 
heathcote Location
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3.8.2013 07:23 IP: Write a comment

Irene is fantastic I was reslly worried about getting the alterations done to my dress but right from the beginning Irene knew what to do and she did a fantastic job.The dress alterations were done very quick and trouble free. Irene is a real gem.
Highly highly recommend her to anyone,she also did alterations to my mum's dress.
9) olivia 
sydney Location
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29.7.2013 00:50 Host: Write a comment

Can not thank Irene enough, she altered my Vera Wang wedding dress to perfection.

The bustle is perfect, the belt she made is just magnificent, i couldnt be happier with the professional,care and time that Irene has taken to make my wedding dress every thing i could have iomagined and more.

Biancayyy 5.8.2013 17:01
What type of vera wang dress did you have? Im also looking at getting mine altered -
8) Elizabeth 
Sutherland Location
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9.7.2013 11:29 Host: Write a comment

Thanks so much Irene for altering our dress’s so perfectly. Your professionalism, brilliant input and alteration to whole bridal party with five dresses in total were outstanding. The father of the groom from overseas, who needed an urgent trouser alteration, was handled wonderfully. We highly recommend, Irene to brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride. Irene, thank you again, for your wonderful workmanship.
7) Melissa  Female
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1.7.2013 04:26 Host: Write a comment

Irene did a wonderful job altering my wedding dress. No problem was too difficult, and she had some excellent suggestions to make my dress look even better! Thank you Irene, you are fantastic and I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
6) Tara Leece 
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31.5.2013 03:53 Host: Write a comment

Thank you Irene for the absolutely beautiful job you did on my wedding dress. It was perfect and couldn't have been happier!!
5) marah 
wollongong Location
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30.3.2013 20:59 Host: Write a comment

I'd like to thank Irene for her wonderful attention to detail, professionalism, craftsmanship and honesty. She has done a wonderful job with the dress alterations. I would highly recommend her work. :)
4) Jennifer 
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26.3.2013 00:46 Host: Write a comment

Thank you so much Irene for all your hard work to get my wedding dress looking so perfect! I know bringing in a 2nd hand dress that needed so many adjustments was a big task but nothing was too much trouble and I really appreciated that.
I had so many comments from guests about my dress and I know that all your effort to get it sitting just 'right' played a big part in that.
I'll certainly be recommending you to family and friends.
3) Lesley  Female
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7.3.2013 00:17 Host: Write a comment

Thanks so much Irene for altering my dress so perfectly! I was a little concerned about having the dress altered due to the full sequin detail but you put my mind at ease and delivered a flawless result! Thanks again!
2) Chantelle  Female
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8.12.2012 02:44 Host: Write a comment

Irene, thank you so much for altering my wedding dress. I was a little worried as it is all lace but your workmanship is flawless - I love it!
1) Donna  Female
Sydney Location
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14.11.2012 01:52 Host: Write a comment

Thank you for all your hard work and patience in making my dress perfect, it's a beautiful gown
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